How the Covid Pandemic is transforming E Commerce web design

The unprecedented Covid pandemic, and the impact it has had both here in the UK and around the world, has rightly put the health and wellbeing of our employees, clients and the communities in which our businesses operate at the forefront of everything we do. Business owners are dealing with near impossible decisions day-to-day – how do we meet the needs of our customers safely; how do we ensure we are financially stable; how do we look after our teams and the wider community?

For those businesses with a strong ecommerce presence, the benefits of offering a safe, remote customer service have been laid bare. Despite the lockdown and the worries and anxieties which abound, people are still shopping – and more than ever, they are doing so online. This is of course no surprise, with many shops still closed, however this is a trend which looks set to continue as consumers form new shopping habits which will be hard to break. The trend pre-Covid was already moving towards online shopping – this pandemic has accelerated that trend, and quickly.  

A recent Kantar study commissioned by Detail Online has found that within the UK, France and Germany, the share of customers who do more than half of their shopping online has increased between 25 and 80% since the start of the pandemic. We know that young audiences already shop online regularly; however in the survey, older people in particular stated that they would continue to shop online after the Covid crisis ends.  

There is huge potential for our existing E Commerce customers to focus on developing their websites this year, in order to grow sales further and stand out in what is set to become an ever-more competitive crowd. For those businesses looking to explore the possibilities of online sales, now is the time. 

Tor Studio long-time client ‘The Real Computer Shop’, a Sheffield-based company with branches outside of Sheffield, are testament to the benefits of having a professional ecommerce presence. Launched in February, their new website has led to a rapid growth in online sales over the last couple of months, with a reported increase of around 200% in computer and peripheral sales in comparison to figures at the same time last year. The Real Computer Shop owner and director Nick Dutch says: 

“We've seen a huge increase in year on year online sales. This is of course partly down to the Covid Pandemic, but having a new website in place in time for this surge in demand meant that we had a clear, distinct market presence which has made it so much easier for new customers to find us and buy from us. We know that consumer habits will never go back to what they were pre-Covid, and anticipate that our online sales will continue to perform strongly over the coming months and years”.

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